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Apple has always been good with various apples that allow their users to have fun in their spare time. However, it looks as if Apple did not really want to publish something like iphone pokies as an app, and that took some real convincing. In fact, it was the company 888, a gambling giant that managed to convince the Apple Company to let them offer their own app in Apple’s store. They were the first company to be allowed to put a casino app in their store.

screen520x924The good thing about this app called iPad Roulette is the fact that it can be downloaded freely, and can be used with the 888 casino account, if you already have one. That means that, if you are an experienced roulette player, or an experienced casino enthusiast, there will be no need to register once again, because you can just use your old 888 account.


At first, this application appeared and was available for use only for the players from the United Kingdom, and players from other countries were unable to play it. However, later, it was reported that this app was available for download in most parts of Europe, including the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Sweden, etc. Also, one more news regarding this app has hit the internet, and it says that a version for Android was also made, and that it was available for download in many countries around the world.


This first version of the iPhone Roulette offered many types of real money games, and some of them included American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette versions of this game.


This news came as a big surprise for most Apple users, and with it, it brought happiness to many users of this brand who had a thing for gambling games, but were not able to play them on their iPhones. And not only that, this application was also important due to the fact that it had opened new doors for many other operators who wanted to launch their own real money roulette apps that could be compatible with the Apple product, out of which iPhones and iPads were the most important ones.


unnamed (2)This deal led the 888 company to start producing many other real money apps, such as slots and blackjack apps. They have managed to get them to the Apple store, which made this company one of the leading one when it some to the gambling apps for iPhones and iPads. However, this could not last for long, and this trend started appearing in many other app producing companies too. After these successful apps, 888 released Texas Hold’em app for iPhone and iPad, as well as the Omaha app for the Apple products.

So, as we have seen, initially, there was no app for all the people who wished to play some roulette on their iPhones, but eventually it appeared, and it changed the entire course of history when it comes to apps in the Apple store. And thanks to it, many other apps appeared, and many people were finally able to play their favorite game.